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The Strategic Plan of the organization is designed to position the organization among the top organizations in their sector in in the next 5 years. One of the cardinal principles of the organization strategy is the declared intent to emphasize the Customer.

In pursuit of the above intent, the organization’s service delivery philosophy, both internal and external, is hinged on the following five basic pillars:

  • Customer satisfaction: The organization will strive to continuously delight the customer and do things right the first time. No customer should walk out of the organization dissatisfied. Creativity and innovativeness will be employed always to ensure that “NO” is never a choice of response to the customer in any of the organization service delivery outlet. Our service delivery slogan should be:

“Customer first and always”

  • Enhancing Businesses: This emphasizes the fact that enhancing and expanding the scope and dimension of our customer’s businesses and careers would be integral to P4PE Institute.
  • Delivering Value:   The organization’s overriding objective would be to provide exceptional value for all stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: A culture of teamwork will be maintained in delivering service both to internal and external customers. Every element in the service delivery chain of the organization will be well-monitored such that there will be no weak link in the value chain.
  • The right ambience: The organization will maintain a neat customer/employee-friendly environment that enables effective delivery of value:
  • The right people: The customer service unit of the organization will be staffed with friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, and well-skilled people.

The vision and mission statements of the QA Unit are crafted to reflect the above service aspirations of the organization.


In line with the organization’s service delivery philosophy, the QA Unit’s vision is:

“To be the driving force for attaining 100% satisfaction amongst the  organization customers by 20XX”


The Unit’s mission statement is:

“To provide valuable information and ideas that would enhance the capacity of the organization to continuously delight her customers”

The mission statement affirms the commitment of the organization to continuously delight the customer and do things right the first time and always. This is to ensure that no customer of the walks out of the organization with a feeling of dissatisfaction.


The major objectives of the QA Unit are the following:

  • Create quality consciousness amongst staff organization-wide and ensure that quality is reflected in all we do.
  • Ensure that a 100 percent customer satisfaction level is achieved and maintained organization-wide.
  • Ensure a standardized and efficient approach to service delivery organization-wide.
  • Ensure that a synergistic approach is maintained delivering service to both internal and external customers.
  • Ensure that the right employee/customer-organizing environment that enables the effective delivery of value is always maintained.
  • Ensure that knowledgeable staffs with friendly and respectful disposition man our Customer Service Units.
  • Harness the potential of our technology to play enabling role in the delivery of service to customers.
  • Initiate the process for building a brand a service for the organization.

The attainment of these objectives is very crucial, as they would provide the P4PE Institute with the vital platform to achieve its service delivery goals outlined below.


The major service delivery targets, which the department will seek to achieve during the plan period, are the following:

  1. 85 – 100% customer satisfaction.
  2. 85 – 100% employee satisfaction.
  3. Maximum of 5% account dormancy.
  4. 0 – 10% customer complaints.
  5. Error-free order processing.
  6. Total adherence to Service Level Agreement Standards
  7. Seek Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) certification of our Processes and Procedures as well as the overall customer service quality standard in the organization, with a goal to achieve ISO certification


The major expectations from the QA Unit:

  • Organize Process Review Sessions with relevant departments/staff.
  • Review Processes and Procedures.
  • Design and communicate service quality standards organization-wide.
  • Monitor overall compliance with the Service Level Agreements.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of all automated processes organization-wide.
  • Conduct Customer-Supplier Alignment Sessions on operational issues.

In conducting the above exercises, the focus will be on:

  1. Staff (attitude change through education and engagement).
  2. Systems and Processes (continuous review and improvement).
  3. Customers (regular feedback exercises and engagement).
  4. Suppliers (feedback exercises and engagement)

The Unit will also have the responsibility of conducting Feasibility Studies for growth and expansion and obtain necessary approval for their establishment.


The QA Unit will execute the above mandates through the following approaches:

  • Facilitation of Quality Management Training organization-wide.
  • Quarterly survey and appraisal of customer/employee satisfaction levels. The results of both surveys will be fed into the organization performance measurement system as strategic management information for making decisions on customers/staff.
  • Random observation of activities and impromptu personal interviews with customers within the organization’s environment.
  • Field visitation to customers’ offices to obtain opinion and impressions of the organization and its services.
  • Maintenance of customer Opinion Boxes at the organization’s offices.
  • Display of Customer Care Telephones numbers in all outlets for direct access by customers to the QA Unit.
  • Use Independent Quality Monitors to monitor and report on staff attitude and behavior to customers.

The QA Unit will work closely with online channel Units of the organization to ensure that their digital products/services provide the promised convenience to customers at all our service delivery points.


The QA Unit will deliver the following value propositions that will assist in the efficient working of the entire organization:

  • Quarterly report on customer satisfaction level.
  • Quarterly report on employee satisfaction level.
  • Quarterly report on the level of inter-departmental synergy amongst all Units in the organization.
  • Quarterly report on customer ratings of Customer Service Officers (CSOs);

These propositions, when implemented on a regular basis, will actualize one of our core values-‘customer focus’, and give teeth to our customer service delivery slogan:

“Customer first and always”


The criteria for measuring the performance of the unit will include the following:

  • The number and quality of customer/employee satisfaction surveys conducted and how the issues arising from them are followed up and resolved.
  • Accurate capturing of customer complaints and timely resolution of such complaints.
  • Declining level of errors in customer transaction records; Effective monitoring of service agreement levels organization wide.
  • Reduction in account dormancy levels organization wide
  • Number of feasibility studies conducted, and approvals obtained.

Apart from the above performance indicators, the unit will also ensure that the ambience of the whole organization environment conforms to acceptable standards within the industry and be in line with the organization’s aspiration of creating an exciting work environment that will enable the staff to deploy their intellectual capital to offer first class services to customers.


The following factors are very critical towards the achievement of the objectives and goals of the unit:

Adequate staffing: the QA Unit needs to be staffed with the right number and caliber of personnel to drive the various initiatives outlined in this plan to achieve the desired results. Accordingly, three Officers (Business Analyst, Process Officer, and Service Standards Officer) are required to support the Unit Head

Working Tools: Phone lines, Computers for everyone in the unit, and subscription to various online services

Timely Access to customer information:

Training in:

  1. Marketing Research and Research Methodologies:
  2. TQM courses,
  3. Process Quality Management.
  4. General Management Courses.


 Feasibility Studies foe new branches   
 Quality Awareness Education
 Business Process Reviews
 Design and communication of Service Level Agreement Standards   
 Survey on inter – departmental/branch relationship  
 Satisfaction Level Surveys (on customers, both internal & external)
 Location visitation for SLA compliance monitoring
 Deployment of Suggestion Boxes in every location   
 Display of Customer Care Telephone Lines in every location  
 eServices Performance Monitoring× 
 Monthly Report on status of Internal Processes
 Deployment of Independent Quality Monitors to every location  
 Locations Standardization Programme 

Author: Joel Omeike

Joel Omeike is the Lead Consultant and founder of P4PE Limited (Institute for Professional Excellence). He has astoundingly built competence in helping individuals and companies achieve their best potential.

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