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Workshop: Critical HR Compliance , Recordkeeping , Performance & HR Auditing

August 17, 2021 8:00 am
August 19, 2021 4:00 pm
2, First Foundation Close, Opebi Ikeja Lagos Nigeria    View map
+234, 08090546055, 08090546031

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This event has passed

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Record keeping as part of HR Professional’s job can be daunting but necessary. HR Must keep records of Benefits, Pay, Tax, Pension, Training, Discipline etc.  Retaining  these records are complex and time consuming. However, in our business environment where regulatory bodies frown at Organisations for non-compliance of such essential employee record, effort should be put towards acquiring, organising and accurately documenting of employee records from hiring to termination. It further helps to track pertinent data on employees and plan for future initiatives

Not only is recordkeeping very critical for HR & workforce analytics, there are also legal requirements that must be followed to avoid compliance issues. Good recordkeeping makes the tracking easier for HR Professionals, Accountants and can be used for ROI and performance evaluations. Recordkeeping also assists in managing human resources by providing hard data on the effectiveness of policies and procedures.

The critical HR Compliance & Record keeping training will provide participants with a blueprint for compliance, to ensure that the risk profile of your organization is limited and contained by a thorough understanding of regulatory environment and requirements. Learn the answers to your critical recordkeeping and document retention questions with P4PE Institute HR Critical Compliance record keeping programme.

  • Three Critical areas that HR professionals can address to minimize risk and improve compliance when managing documents.
  • How to overcome the challenges of proper HR recordkeeping and why it can be such a daunting task for employers.
  • Understanding the risk associated with sharing personnel documents.
  • A review of how going paperless with the right technology can address HR document compliance risks
  • Learn eight ( 8) regulating compliance for the HR department
  • Tools, Templates and resources for compliance
  • Full contact details of applicable regulatory agencies
  • Tracking Employee Information
  • Forecasting/Anticipating Trends
  • Auditing employee records to determine the efficiency, accuracy, and legality of personnel files
  • Evaluating various forms for compliance
  • Assessing appropriate computerized solutions for tracking employee records ( HRIS / HRMS)
  • Audit the HR department
  • Labour law requirements for employee reports.

This programme is designed for HR Professionals, Managers, administrating officers, Compliance/ control officers, Legal Officers and all those responsible for overseeing employee record keeping and compliance.

P4PE Institute
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