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Result – Driven Strategy & Leadership Development Master Class (CTS)

May 17, 2021
May 24, 2021

This Programme will provide action-oriented guidelines for leaders to develop and hone their own results-based leadership skills. It will show results in four specific areas:

  1. Results for employees
  2. The organization
  3. Its customers
  4. Its investors


This event has passed

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Companies that attract, develop and retain the best leaders are likely to flourish. The issue grows hazy when we attempt to define leadership, and hazier still when managers try to match today’s dizzying array of leadership practices with the specific needs of their organization.

Result-Driven Strategy & Leadership Development Master Class brings refreshing clarity and directness to the leadership discussion, providing a hands-on program that will help executives succeed with their leadership challenges.

  1. Connecting Leadership Attributes to Results
  2. Defining Desired Results
  3. Employee Results: Investing in Human Capital
  4. Organization Results: Creating Capabilities
  5. Customer Results: Building Firm Equity
  6. Investor Results: Building Shareholder Value
  7. Becoming a Result-Based Leader
  8. Leaders Building Leaders.

This Programme is for CXO’s Managers & Executive Managers, Line Managers, Functional Managers, Emerging / New Managers, Fast track / High Performing Employees, Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Leaders in all kinds of Roles.

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