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Master Class: Performance Consulting – Improving Individual, Process or Organizational Performance

April 11, 2022 10:00 am
April 15, 2022 1:00 pm
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Master Class: Performance Consulting Master Class (PCM)


This event has passed

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The P4PE Performance Consulting Masterclass (PCM) course will equip participants with the tools and know-how to provide businesses with informed advice and strategies for improvement. As a performance consultant, you’ll not only be able to identify key areas for improvement but will be able to offer solutions that align with core business values.

This masterclass gives you a powerful set of skills and techniques that will transform you into an effective performance consultant, helping you contribute significant value to your clients and to your organisation.

By embarking on a PCM course, you’ll be prepared to:

  1. Understand the business needs of solution requests: Find out what a business really wants and needs. Learn how to assess issues like gaps in performance and link solutions with business objectives.
  2. Build effective solutions to deliver business results: Learn how to use new tools to design integrated solutions that close performance gaps and leverage existing organisational initiatives.
  3. Build trust and improve communication: Promote company-wide support of performance improvement initiatives. Get templates and guidance on how to best implement your plans in an organised and influential way.
  4. Demonstrate and measure ROI: Learn simple techniques to accurately track the results of your improvements. You’ll use these methods to demonstrate return on investment and improved business metrics.
  5. Show yourself to be a trusted advisor: Rather than providing training to help tick a box, show you’re a respected business consultant with a track record of creating solutions that have positively impacted performance.

Unit One:   Pre-Workshop & Introduction

  • Self-assess 4 key competencies
  • Workshop overview
  • What is Performance Consulting?
  • The Role of the Performance Consultant
  • Common Causes of Performance Gaps

Unit 2: Process and Critical Skills

  • Tactical or Strategic Requests?
  • A Shift in Mindset to Performance Consulting
  • The Performance Consulting Pyramid
  • Organizational & Emotional Intelligence

Unit Three: Accessing Performance Gap

  • Analysing Performance Gaps
  • Effective Interviews with stakeholders at all levels
  • Active Listening

Unit Four: Designing Systematic Solutions and Measuring Results

  • Designing Performance Solutions
  • Defining your Project
  • The Right Tools at the Right Time
  • Measuring Results

Unit Five: Simulation Preparation

  • Simulation Exercise & Debrief
  • Tying it together with own client project from Unit 1
  • Continuous Development Opportunities

This Performance Consulting Masterclass is ideal for developing skills in workplace learning and HR professionals. Those who want to progress their abilities can use a PCM to assess business objectives, implement strategies and measure results.

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