Learning & Development Function and Strategy Master Class (CTS)

May 17, 2021
May 24, 2021
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Fast and smart learning is required for companies to stay attuned and secure competitive strength in the marketplace. In addition, companies mastering corporate learning excellence are highly attractive to talents wanting to gain, build, and share their knowledge and experience to help solve strategic questions. Business leaders in all industry should seize the opportunity of using corporate learning as a strategic weapon. Companies need it, Talents expect it

The L&D Strategy is a forward looking document setting out how L&D will support the achievement of the Department’s HR and strategic goals and contribute to Departmental effectiveness over the coming years. The primary objective for developing the Strategy is to explore and select options for addressing learning and development needs.

3 Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to Achieving Corporate Learning Excellence
  • Guide to Preparing a Learning & Development Strategy
  • 8 Tools for Closing the Loop of a Learning-Driven Talent Management

Programme Content

  • Day 1 – Developing the L&D Strategy
    • Part1: Prioritise business needs & align Business, HR and Learning Strategies
    • Part2: Analyse L&D needs
    • Part3: Develop strategies for addressing L&D needs
  • Day 2 – Managing the L&D Function
    • Part4: Evaluate L&D – Using the 5 Evaluation Levels to Demonstrate ROI of Interventions
    • Part5: Exploring Corporate Universities
    • Competency-Based L&D Function
  • Day 3 – Transforming the L&D Function
    • Part 5: Transforming Learning into a Strategic Business Enabler
    • Part 6: Preparing & Using the P4PE L&D Strategy Template

Target Audience

This master class is aimed at:

  • those responsible for developing and implementing a Learning and Development Strategy as set out in the Learning and Development Framework for their Organization
  • Managers and those ultimately responsible for Human Resource Management (HRM) Units, Learning and Development Units and Strategic Planning Units