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Leadership Essentials and Best Practices 4days/wk.(Hybrid)

April 12, 2023 10:00 am
April 14, 2023 1:00 pm
Hybrid: In Person or Live Virtual   View map
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Great leadership starts with the fundamentals. Business professionals looking to improve their effectiveness in working with individuals and teams learn about proven frameworks and research-based insights on what makes a great leader.


Understanding leadership styles.

Learn about different styles of leadership (including your own) and how they affect group dynamics.

Developing emotional intelligence.

Understand the relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership effectiveness, so you can go from being a ‘manager’ to being a ‘leader.’

Motivating others.

Explore key questions and trending topics to consider when shaping your team environment and organizational culture.

Managing change.

Learn best practices for how to bring about change at your own organization.


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“This program provides an evidence-based approach to enhancing how you think and act as a leader while giving you considerable control over the learning process.”

– The program's lead Faculty Joel Omeike

The topic of leadership can be overwhelmingly broad, encompassing multiple disciplines in academia that study the complexity of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and organizational dynamics. But where do we begin to build our leadership abilities or hone our skills for the next chapter of our professional lives?

The Leadership Essentials (Online) program offers a learning journey for aspiring, new, and mid-level leaders to immerse themselves into the essentials of effective leadership with real-world application and research-based insights presented by renowned P4PE Institute faculty and executive coaches in the field. The online program offers the great learnings in a convenient online format, making it accessible to leaders around the world.

Leadership Essentials (virtual) identifies several of the skill sets that great leaders possess. Through engaging lectures, dynamic discussions with colleagues and hands-on workshops, participants explore the most crucial areas of leadership. Participants emerge from the program with fresh insights into how to be better decision makers, leaders of people and groups, and agents of organizational change.

Other Formats

This program is also being offered in a live online format. Learn more about Leadership Essentials (Live Online).

The Leadership Essentials (Online) program helps you improve your effectiveness in working with individuals and teams by developing your essential leadership abilities, including team leadership, emotional intelligence, and change management.

By taking this program, you will:

  • Learn how to identify different leadership styles and leverage your own style for the evolving leadership roles at your organization.
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence and learn how to apply it appropriately as a leader.
  • Get equipped to make more effective business decisions and better communicate them to your team members.
  • Build strategies to influence your team more effectively and motivate them to maximize their potential.
  • Develop best practices to lead organizational change.
  • Understand how to manage the dynamics and climate in your team so you can collectively strengthen your organizational performance.

The program consists of four tightly connected sessions:

I. Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence

Key questions

  • What are the different styles of leadership, and when is it appropriate to exercise one rather than another?
  • What role does emotional intelligence (or EQ) play in enacting the different forms of leadership

II. Leadership Styles and Managing Change

Key questions

  • What are the key action steps needed to plan and implement change?
  • What do you think you do well versus not so well when it comes to planning and implementing change?
  • What leadership style makes people more likely to embrace rather than resist change?
  • What makes it hard for agents of change to adopt a style that makes others embrace rather than resist change?
  • What can be done to overcome the obstacles alluded to in the preceding question?

III. Leadership and Group Dynamics

Key questions

  • Why do some groups work together effectively, while other groups seem to struggle?
  • How does “who you are” influence the type of roles that you take on in a group?
  • What climate do you create for groups that you lead?
  • How can you motivate your team to take more risks and responsibilities?

IV. Leadership and Personality

Key questions

  • How much of your leadership behavior is driven by your environment?
  • How much of your leadership behavior is driven by your own preferences?
  • How can you learn about others' preferences in order to more effectively lead, manage, and collaborate?

Leadership Essentials guides you through a sequential learning experience of four modules over the course of four days/weeks:

  • Day/Week 1: Introduction to Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence focuses on the difference between a “leader” and a “manager” and the relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership effectiveness. You will go through a series of hands-on activities to understand the topics and self-assess your own EQ.
  • Day/Week 2: Understanding Yourself as a Leader further explores leadership behaviors based on key findings and theories from Lewin’s studies. You will learn about your own leadership style from the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a widely acclaimed self-assessment tool, and build strategies to work effectively with people who have other leadership styles.
  • Day/Week 3: Leading Organizational Change invites you to dive deeper into your leadership abilities and addresses typical cases of organizational change. You’ll learn best practices for how to manage and bring about change at your own organization.
  • Day/Week 4: Leadership and Team Effectiveness wraps up the program with further perspectives from research findings on team dynamics. You’ll explore key questions and trending topics to consider when it comes to shaping your team's effectiveness.

Each module features a series of faculty lecture videos, self-assessment tools, group activities, and interactive discussion forums. You will allocate about two to three hours per week to digest the bite-sized lecture videos, reflect on your own learning and takeaways, and share your ideas and reflections with your peers who can bring new insights and broader perspectives to the discussion.

Every step of the way, your program facilitator will support your journey, bringing your questions to the faculty and cultivating a safe space for you and your peers to maximize your learning experience.

Leadership Essentials is designed for aspiring, new, and mid-level business leaders looking to improve their effectiveness working with individuals and teams.

This online program is designed for leaders looking for the same great learnings from the in-person program in a convenient online format.

P4PE Institute alumni and up to four of their colleagues are eligible for a 25 percent tuition benefit for this program.

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