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Introduction to Business Data Analytics

April 5, 2022
April 5, 2022
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Translate data into valuable insights that guide evidence-based decision making.
Business data analytics performs continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data, for the purposes of obtaining insights about a business that can lead to improved decision-making.

The Introduction to Business Analytics Certificate Course is the first part of the Data Science Specialization Programme. It examines the practical applications of the use of data sciences in business decisions. Students become familiar with creating data & statistical analysis, portfolio theory, CAPM and econometric modelling.


This event has passed

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Basics of Recursion, ARIMA, SARIMA, GARCH, Forecast Modeling/Comparison, Beta, CAPM, Cointegration, Economic Concepts (Supply/Demand, Isoquants and Production Functions)

Tableau, R, Python (optional), Portfolio Analytics, SQL, MS Office (VBA)

People new to analytics and interested in using this in their current or future work and those pursuing a career in Data Analytics in HR, Finance, Services, Sales Operations etc.

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