High Productivity & Personal Effectiveness – (CTS)

May 17, 2021
May 24, 2021
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Increasing Productivity & Personal Effectiveness is a skills-based program that enhances attendee’s awareness of their critical strengths and of areas that need further development. It provides practical tools to use in day-to-day interactions that create and sustain personal effectiveness. Maximum learning takes place when attendees identify improvement opportunities, pick up new ideas, and develop new skills for becoming more effective, leading to:

  • Added Value
  • Goals Achieved
  • Improved Communications
  • Increased Self-Responsibility & Accountability
  • Development of Management & Leadership Skills

Course Objectives

  • Understand yourself and the day-to-day choices you make that impact your accomplishments and interactions with others.
  • Acquire skills for improving confidence, team building, and communication.
  • Achieve goals that will result in growth, change, and increased productivity & personal
  • Both management development and leadership development require the basic skill sets taught in Increasing High Productivity & Personal Effectiveness®for success.


Course Outline

New Choices for Growth and Change

  • Understand the process of growth and change
  • Understand your core values and how they drive your behaviors and choices
  • Build your self-image through self-awareness of your strengths and by identifying areas needing improvement
  • Create a strong understanding of how your choices impact your behaviors and image Increase self-confidence through becoming more accountable for your thoughts, actions and words

Understanding Behavioral Styles

  • Determine your preferred behavioral style at work
  • Assess your individual strengths
  • Identify the preferred behavioral work style of others
  • Apply techniques for communicating more effectively
  • Acknowledge the value of individual differences on a team

Powerful Communication Tools

  • Understand how the different behavioral styles manage conflict in communication
  • Learn the differences in the three types of communication: assertive, aggressive, and non-assertive
  • Realize the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Identify clarity in your communication
  • Use the tool of I-statements to reduce conflict and defensive communication
  • Discover an alternative to critical feedback through the Three Step Request for Change

Effective Listening Skills

  • Identify ineffective listening behaviors through self-awareness
  • Learn the three effective listening responses
  • Use active listening responses to solve problems
  • Use non-defensive listening techniques to handle criticism

Managing Yourself for Success

  • Identify self-defeating feelings that get in the way of personal growth and success
  • Establish goal setting for personal improvement
  • Establish goal setting for professional improvement
  • Create awareness about life-enhancing changes that you’d like to make