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April 6, 2021 11:00 am
April 10, 2021 1:00 pm
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Facilities managers have responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing many services depending on the size of the organization or the complexities of facilities. These range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management. Facilities management includes space, infrastructure, people and organization.

The course is designed to develop participant’s skills in managing facility staff and corporate assets while minimizing risk exposure in the workplace. As the Facilities Management (FM) function continues to evolve, this training course offers the latest thinking in the profession, right balance between asset performance (functionality, availability, reliability, safety), and will tackle specific issues encountered on the ground and apply best practices in discussing real solutions.


Course Content

Day One: An Overview of Facilities Management

  • The Facilities Management process in general
  • Facilities Management as a business within a business
  • Facilities phases, planning and realization
  • Relationship between Facilities Management and Asset Management

Day Two: The Basic Elements of Facilities Management

  • Facilities Roles, the current state of your Facilities Management processes
  • Types of planning
  • Strategic and annual planning, Life Cycle Cost principles
  • Budgeting principles
  • Work planning and control, performance management regarding the workflow

Day Three: Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance Strategy

  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Understanding RISK
  • Risk Based Maintenance, the methodology
  • Steps in developing an effective & risk-based maintenance strategy
  • Typical inspection and maintenance tasks for utilities

Day Four: Outsourcing and Contracting

  • What to outsource and what not
  • Choosing the right contractor
  • How to manage this
  • Contract types
  • The contracting cycle
  • Service Level Agreements

Day Five: Performance Monitoring and Bench-marking

  • Continuous improvement
  • Target setting as a starting point
  • Monitoring performance: development and use of Key Performance Indicators
  • The Facilities Management Balanced Scorecard (FMBSC)
  • Assessments, audits and benchmarking; practical exercise in auditing
  • Course review/Wrap up



Participants will be able to;

  • Comprehend the basics of facilities management
  • Understand how to draw up a preventive maintenance concept, based on risk
  • Develop strategies to decide when and what to outsource
  • Differentiate between the different types of contracts
  • Identify and monitor the facilities management-processes performance


Who can attend?

Professionals who are responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of facilities (buildings, production facilities, utilities, power and water distributions networks landscaping, etc.)

Professionals aiming to update themselves on the basic elements, best practices and implementation aspects of facilities management


The Certificate

P4PE Institute Certificate of Completion for participants who attend and complete the course.

P4PE Institute