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December 7, 2021
December 7, 2021
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Managing Customer Value for Strategic Advantage

Customer service is increasingly becoming a vital business issue as organizations realize the benefits of an integrated, strategic customer service management system for providing effective customer support.

Professionals working within customer-focused businesses, or those managing their organization’s Customer Service function need to be kept informed about the latest techniques and experiences.

From small customer service departments to large call centers, the importance of developing a valued relationship with customers using a strategic Customer Service management system is an essential foundation of long-term business growth.


Course aim and overview: to build the culture, knowledge and skills required to develop, improve and manage any customer service environment.



The purpose of this course is to train customer service leaders to deliver customer service excellence as part of overall efforts to improve customer service and increase customer advocacy. In return for this training investment P4PE Institute will deliver managers who are: more innovative, more efficient, save the organization money by understanding the Cost of Bad Service, grow the business, and enjoy working with your customers, in fact, building long term relationships with them which encourages customers to spread positive ‘word of mouth’ advocacy leading to increased referrals.

Each aspect of the course will focus on achieving specific objectives through classroom exercises and enhanced through each participant continuing their learning after the training via the recommended readings and activities.



The programme is aimed at senior managers and directors in marketing, sales, service operations, CRM and technology, as well as consultants, from B2B, B2C or not-for-profit organisations. Teams from the different functions within the same organisation are encouraged to attend (max. five per organisation), in order to create a cohesive strategy and encourage company-wide support.


MODULE 1: Understand the value of a customer service philosophy for business growth and service excellence

  • Identify and define a diversity of attitudes, knowledge and skills required to focus on customers and customer needs
  • Address diverse customer needs and values
  • Describe how leadership, vision/mission statements and application of resources influence an organization’s customer service focus

MODULE 2: Develop and assess the success of a customer service management system including the International Customer Service Standard and certification trustmark program

  • Develop an integrated approach to customer service process management
  • Understand implementation, assessment and compliance with the International Customer Service Standard
  • Explain how to use best practice methodology to increase market share and customer retention
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