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Capital Markets and Investments Master Class

December 6, 2021
December 10, 2021
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351,000.00 inc. VAT

This master class will cover;

  • Equity Capital Markets
    – Asset allocation, IPOs, corporate valuations, equity swaps & options, hedge fund strategies, private equity
  • Debt Capital Markets
    – Leverage, mezzanine finance, leveraged buyouts, bond issues, benchmarking & credit spreads, covered bonds, securitization, bond futures & options
  • Foreign Exchange & Money Markets
    – Spot & forward foreign exchange, outrights & foreign exchange swaps, currency options, option strategies, option pricing, the carry trade, covered & uncovered interest parity, premiums & discounts, hedging techniques, interbank market, FRAs & futures, repos & reverses
  • Interest Rate & Currency Swaps & Swaptions & Structured Products
    – Motives for payers and receivers, swap driven bond issues, credit arbitrage, uses of swaptions, pricing swaps & swaptions, asset & liability management
  • Commodity Derivatives, Credit Derivatives, Risk Management & Regulation
    – Carry, contangos & backwardations, commodity futures, single name credits, asset swaps, credit baskets, VaR, RAROC, the Greeks, Dodd-Frank, Basel I – III & the future of the capital markets


This event has passed

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The course examines capital markets and fundamental models used in securities analysis and portfolio management. Topics include financial instruments, the organization of securities markets and trading, modern portfolio theory, asset pricing models, market efficiency, behavioral finance, and technical analysis, bond valuation and the management of bond portfolios, valuation of equities, active versus passive investing, the role of derivative securities in investing, and performance evaluation.

This Professional Certificate comprises the following courses:

  1. Capital Markets 101: Market Structure, Products and Regulatory Trends

  2. Capital Markets: Products, Risks, and Strategies

At the end of this master class you will have learned:

·         Identify the global trends in volume for various financial products and articulate the macroeconomic reasons for those trends

·         Understand how bonds, equity, foreign exchange, and money market products are traded

·         Structure and price a plain vanilla bond for the current market place

·         Identify the key regulators of the financial system

·         Describe the primary objectives of capital markets regulation

·         Read bond and equity listings and decide whether the deals worked well for the parties involved

·         Choose the best derivative to hedge against risk in real-life financial situations

·         Calculate the profit or loss on futures trades

·         Construct a swap and calculate the benefit of the swap to each counterparty

·         Invest the money held by a pension fund both geographically and by asset class

·         Describe the role of equity from both the issuer's and investor's perspectives

·         Distinguish among the different types of stock markets

·         Describe the main methods used in equity valuation

·         Explain the major steps in the IPO process

·         Identify the key participants in the IPO process

·         Apply knowledge to today’s financial situations

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