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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – 10 Activities to Act on Now

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Your life is an upshot of how much you have invested in yourself through skill development and various personal development activities. You are a product of nature and nurture.

You may have a nature you do not want to accept as part of your being. However, you can change yourself through learning and personal development.

“You Are Essentially Who You Create Yourself To Be, And All That Occurs In Your Life Is The Result Of Your Own Making.” Stephen Richards

Yes! Moulding your true self is the function of your own making. You can become whatever you see in others and desire through personal development. This could be a skill, a habit, or a lifestyle that inspires you for a better life. 

Life always presents you with chances to grow and become better than you used to be. But it is up to you to take the chance or waste your time. There are things you can do with your life and time now. Once this moment is over, you might not be able to recover the wasted time.

Therefore, now is the best time to take your personal development seriously. Will the path be smooth? Of course not; no personal development process is palatable. But the result is desirable if you stay consistent on your personal development activities without shifting ground.

Life will not always throw sweetness and smoothness on our path; you have to fight for it. Everything great comes with a price. If you desire success and progress in life, your personal development becomes the price you need to pay.

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is the continuous assessment of your life goals and values by building skills and qualities to reach your potential. 

Personal development contributes to your maturity, success, satisfaction, and wealth. When you commit yourself to it, every other aspect of your life enjoys its effect. Personal development is a continuous journey of exploring new horizons. It’s a lifelong journey that allows access to hidden abilities and traits within you. 

Your level of growth, relationship, and the amount in your bank account results from how much you have invested in your personal development. In simple terms, personal development is a process of continuous growth in every aspect of your life.

To Grow, You Must Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

How much time in your life have you spent learning how to improve yourself? 

Learning is a key growth factor. If you desire a better life, then growth is expedient. There are so many benefits that come from constant learning beyond just an increase in knowledge. Learning makes you a solution provider and you become an answer to the many questions in the heart of people. 

The best version of yourself becomes a reality when you take the bold step to develop your talent, learn new skills, and acquire more knowledge in your field. 

10 Activities to Act on Now!

Now, there are certain personal development activities you must start today. Understanding the essence of how far you desire to go in life will make you consider the activities.

So! Let’s explore a world of new possibilities by engaging in the following personal development activities:

  • 1. Renew your identity and self-esteem

Your true identity is who you are and what you stand for. This cannot be separated from your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem implies doing what is right and telling the truth, even if doing so presents challenges. Building a good identity can lead to a good reputation and opportunities for advancement. Your number one personal development exercise is to Practice good ethics and stand by your values.

  • 2. Developing Your Strengths and Talents

Hidden talents can be developed. You have great abilities within you beyond your wildest dream. Recognize your strength and push hard to make it worthwhile.

  • 3. Learn New Skills Regularly

You should make it a habit to study books that will help you learn new skills and help you improve on those you already have. Skills can be acquired via social media handles and books. Your gift will surely speak for you

  • 4. Spiritual Development

Our ability to discern who we truly are and how we can manage our life is of great importance.

So, understanding your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension as part of your development scheme. Give sufficient attention to each developmental area.

  • 5. Building Employability or Human Capital

Learning to add to your skill daily and putting it to use develops your capacity. It makes you a person of value anywhere you find yourself. Personal development is making yourself count in every sphere of life.

  • 6. Enhance the quality of your life

Making your life a productive and meaningful one is key to your personal development. When last have you taken a break to treat yourself to a good dinner, outing, shopping and the likes? You can develop a quality lifestyle that enhances success by doing things that make you happy. 

  • 7. Initiate a Life Enterprise or Personal Autonomy

You can plan out a life-long enterprise for yourself. Whatever seed you sow now into your life will return multiple folds to you later. This is the secret of investment. Invest greatly in that plan, purpose, career, skills to activate greater autonomy.

  • 8. Improve Social Abilities

You develop new ideas and understand how to communicate better when you learn to interact with different people from different tribes, races, communities and nationalities. This is the basis of social networking. Networking can help you reach out beyond sight.

  • 9. Develop a reading habit to expand your intelligence
Readers are leaders…

The more books you read, the more knowledge you become. When you read a book each day, you invariably feed your brain with more and more knowledge, just as food is for the stomach. Therefore, get knowledgeable to keep your brain active. 

  • 10.  Develop a New Habit

Reading books, getting up early, exercising, reading personal development newsletters and meditating are all healthy habits to cultivate.

Is there anything else you can do to improve your self-awareness? Start it now!

In conclusion, I believe you will explore and maximize that awesome potential by practising what you have read so far. Know that the journey of a thousand miles begins in a day. Therefore, start now.

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