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Subject Matter Experts

Access a range of academically and professionally trusted, Subject Matter Experts who are highly experienced facilitators.

Training Programmes

Each programme we design is different and is unique to your organisation and your particular challenges.

Empower your team

Empower your team and help them achieve new perspectives on critical business issues and create new behavioural patterns through self-awareness to improve business performance.

Why choose P4PE’s in-Company Customised Training Solution (CTS):

  • Our in-Company programmes are more cost effective for groups of five or more because they allow for reduced travel and training cost per participant.
  • Our expert facilitators are the best in what they do. Tap into the experience of P4PE professional training consultants and subject matter experts. They are focussed on your success and will work with you one-onone to formulate a custom programme that is targeted, result-oriented and motivational resulting in improved performance on the job. After your programme, they will follow up to assess the success of your seminar and ensure that it met your objectives.
  • Our in-Company programmes allow for a confidential environment in which participants can openly discuss how what they are learning can be applied to their organisation.



you pick the date, the time, the place, and the topic.

Increased Productivity

your team spends less time away from the office.


your entire group hears a single message and develops standardized processes.


you can openly discuss issues specific to your organisation.


develop a curriculum that targets specific areas of concern or opportunities to grow and improve.

Team Building

  • an invaluable aspect of the group learning


20 - 25 delegates per stream Programmes delivered at your convenient dates and selected locations.

Your investment: Subject to the scope of engagement:

Includes programme materials and conference call discussions with your management to determine and cocreate specific objectives for selected courses as well as administration of Needs Analysis.

Phase I

P4PE conducts an all-participant survey specifically around core company strengths and needs as related to existing Management practices.T h e Objective Provide Healthy organisational dialogue within and use an executive summary of survey as “customized science” to springboard the programme content and developmental objectives Completion of survey provides participants with critical “ownership” right from the beginning, i.e., “People tend to buy into more of that which they are part of creating”.

Phase II

All participants complete self-assessment prior to the first session.The Objective Create Individual awareness and reinforce message of serious commitment from the top to support the learning initiative

Phase III

“Commitment to improve” document to be completed by and shared with all participants in table top format at the conclusion of each session. The Objective: Expedite change and progress through community disclosure and cross-check accountability, (which statistically increases the sustainability of change)

Phase IV

Follow-up Survey conducted by P4PE three months after all programmes have been concluded. All Participants provide input on:

  • What they learned from the Learning Intervention
  • A progress update on their “Commitment to improve”.


p4pe logo
P4PE Joel Omeike

Who better to train your team than the organization that is Passionate for Professional Excellence?

P4PE has offered education of the highest quality and is internationally recognised for its professional development excellence. P4PE is recognised as a world-class professional education institution offering short courses that are internationally recognised and globally accepted.


Founded in 2011, P4PE is located in Lagos Nigeria, the economic hub of Africa and is acknowledged as the leading

business certification institute in West Africa. Its strategic focus of “Passion for Professional Excellence” depicts what it strives for in excellent terms:


Passion: more energy than is required; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to Professional Excellence.

Professional: proficiency, competency and reliability in all we do with high standards of performance and discipline. We train, think, work and play hard, to the best of our ability.

Excellence: we deliver what we promise-and add value that goes beyond what is expected. We achieve Excellence through Innovation, Learning and Agility.


Are you looking for well-designed and customized course material or content?


Do you have your own in-house trainers and facilitators?


Perhaps all you need is course content and materials that you can use in-house

cost effectively to train hundreds of your par tic pants. Consider our beautifully designed, practical, comprehensive and affordable training content.


The content is designed for strategic organizations that have their own preferred trainers and corporate academies but want world class, expert and professionally developed training content.

What you will get

  • Complete Learning Files (in MS PowerPoint, and MS Word transcripts)
  • Detailed Facilitators Guide. Action driven Participants Manual.
  • Post Course Action Plans for Participants
  • Training Icebreakers
  • Training Games,
  • Training Guides
  • Pre-Course Tests
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Recommended Reading


  • Permission to add your own logos, brand the course, and deliver the learning material as your own, as
  • often as required
  • Unlimited rights to use where, when and as often as required for your organization
  • Permission to customize, adapt or modify to meet your exact training requirements.
  • Detailed learning materials developed and tested by subject matter experts
  • Save time, money and considerable effort.
P4PE Institute
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