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Future Skills Initiative

Future Skills Initiative

Prepare for the Future

What are Future Skills

Future Skills also known as next skills are competences that allow individuals to solve complex problems in a self-organized way and enable them to act (successfully). They are based on cognitive, motivational, volitional and social resources, are value-based and can be acquired in a learning process.

Why Future Skills Initiative (FSI)

This initiative was borne out of the knowledge that skills acquisition is an important factor in preparing, coping and participating in the future of work.

Future Skills Initiative is for undergraduates, graduates, employees and everyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of specific future skills.

Skill Aquisition

Skills that will be taught include Web Design, Graphics Design, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship skills among several others.

Classes will be 100% practical and interactive with opportunities to network and meet with professionals. The classes will be both physical and online allowing for an all-inclusive learning experience.

Skills to Gain

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Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

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