Tournament Rules

  1. ELIGIBILITY. The tournament is open to entrants in Primary 4 through Secondary 6.

  2. PLAY. Each contestant will compete in nine (9) matches of SmartPreneur, with players rotating at each match, depending on rank.

  3. WINNER. The winner of each match is awarded 1 point and second and third place 2 points. In the event of a tie at a given table, the point is split (e.g. a tie for first and second place at that table results in 1.5 points assigned to each player.) The top 24 player(s) with the lowest points will compete for the (Quater, Semi and Finals). Second and third place positions are determined by point count ranking.

  4. TIES. In the event of a tie in the rankings at the end of the final round of play, the higher rank will be awarded as follows: 1) If any player won the final round of play by having the highest final founder value, they are ranked ahead of those players that have not completed a corporate headquarters, regardless of enterprise value, 2) players are ranked based upon enterprise value in the final round of play.

  5. RULES. Play will follow the official SmartPreneur rules with the following modifications:
    1. Each Player starts with N1,000,000 in Seed Capital. There is no rolling dice for Seed Capital.
    2. Each Player is randomly assigned a seat (1, 2, … 7, or 8) at the table. The Player in seat 1 plays first and play proceeds clockwise.
    3. Each game will last up to 90 minutes. If a player starts his turn before time is up he may complete it.
    4. The winner after 90 minutes will be the Player to have achieved the Greatest founder Value.
    5. Each player must have achieved an IPO to calculate final founders Value. However, if no player have completed an IPO, then all players may calculate final founders Value.
    6. If on or before the expiration of 90 minutes a Player succeeds in building all five levels of the Corporate Headquarters, that Player will be declared the winner. Other Players will determine Enterprise Value at that time, with no further play, to determine second and third place positions.
    7. For all amounts paid between players, such as from Lawsuits, Price Wars and Networking Events, each player is responsible for insuring that the correct amount is paid. Judges will not check these amounts.

  6. JUDGES. Each table will be assigned a Judge. The Judge will also serve as Banker. The Judge's decision is final in all matters. Any Player determined to be cheating will be disqualified from further play.

  7. TIMELY PLAY. Players must play in a timely fashion and must not stall for time. If the Judge calls "stalling" then play immediately passes to the next player.

  8. ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Calculators and the SmartPreneur App are permitted during play.

  9. DICE ROLLS. All dice rolls must be performed neatly so as not to disturb the play. Any dice roll that results in a die not lying flat or being off the table must be re-rolled.

  10. TOURNAMENT PRIZE: There are prizes to be won on all levels and stages of the game play, ranging from cash, gameboard and branded items like (Jacket, Facecap, T-shirt, Bike etc.) The ultimate prize is 1st (Bike + N75,000 + GameBoard) | 2nd (N50,000 + Gameboard) | 3rd (N30,000 + Gameboard)