About Us


SmartPreneur is a business board game in which players compete to guide their startup company from launch to buyout or IPO. Along the way there are Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities, Pitch Funding Opportunities, and IPO Opportunities. Build Expertise to increase your chances for success and your company's value in an Initial Public Offering. Navigate lawsuits, price wars, talent wars, networking opportunities and Ouch! & Pitch Funding cards along the way.

SmartPreneur is fun to play. Unlike other business board games, SmartPreneur is a lot of fun, even when you are not winning. You lose by succeeding more slowly, not by getting crushed. It is a fun game for the whole family and is challenging on any level. Although there is some chance involved, the better player will usually win, like in real life.

SmartPreneur is educational. The SmartPreneur board game teaches business and math skills and models many real business situations, such as the value of investing in your business, the risks and rewards of business opportunities, and the trade-offs in raising capital or an IPO.