Exhibiting at ProCareerExpo
REGISTER ProCareerExpo organised by P4PE Institute is a unique career fair designed for professionals seeking to advance their Career. The fair provides a platform for Connecting Professionals, Engaging Talent and Developing Careers. The fair is 3-in-1 featuring an employment fair, graduate school fair and professional association fair. The fair will run regionally in each country. The expo will be hosted in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt in Nigeria. It is projected to have over 200 exhibiting companies who come to recruit talented professionals, 20 graduate schools offering business and post graduate education and 15 professional associations and bodies signing up graduates for professional associations.
How to become an exhibitor
To sign up to be an exhibitor

Organizations interested in participating in The ProCareerExpo are welcome. To register and reserve your exhibit space, you must fill out a Registration Form with the Management, which includes the pricing details, the exhibiting options, the terms of payment and the regulations of the Fair. Upon receipt of your completed form, we will confirm your participation details by email, including your booth number and additional information for your preparation.

The size of a basic exhibit space is 3m x 2m. The reservation of at least one exhibit space is required to exhibit at the Fair. Several options are available to support your exhibiting, furnishing and advertising/marketing needs. Please take note that exhibit spaces are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

If you do not want to Register Online, You can still recieve your Registration Package, which includes the Registration Form, other documents and useful information, by contacting us by phone or email from the contact information provided below. Please note that your full name, the name and address of your organization, your email address and your phone number are required to enable us to send you the Registration Package.

To get information by phone, please contact:

Abigail Gbenro
Practice Manager
Event Producer & Show Manager
The ProCareerExpo
Direct line: +234 809 054 6080
Email: info@procareerexpo.com

To receive the Registration Package with additional information, please insert the required information below and click the "send" button. By sending your request, your email will be added in our distribution list, but you can opt out from our list at any time.
Choosing your booth space number
A basic exhibit space is 3m x 2m in size for a total of 6sqm. The sooner the better to secure exhibit spaces as they are filled on a “first come, first served” basis. During the registration process, you are invited to indicate three exhibit space numbers (in order of priority) by choosing the locations on the Floor Plan. If the first choice is not available, we will try to allocate your second or third choice. If your three choices are not available, we will contact you to discuss the best options available at the time of reservation. The ProCareerExpo will do its best to satisfy your requests, while giving due regard to existing constraints.
Maximize your exposure. Bigger impact of your participation
Visibility on the Exhibitors in the Spotlight page of our website

Stand out from the crowd by choosing the option to display your name (with web link) logo (with web link), corporate profile and video in the Exhibitors in the Spotlight page on our website. Your organization will be posted on our website from the day you register until the end of the event.

Visibility on all pages of our website

For additional advertising, you can post your ad banner (leaderboard size / 960 x 95 pixels) on top or bottom of all pages of our website from the day you register until the end of the event.

Public presentations and Entrepreneurship Seminars

During the event, 45-minute public presentations and 1-hour entrepreneurship seminars are offered to exhibitors who want to stand out at the Fair in rooms equipped with audio-visual and computer equipement within the Exhibit Hall. The presentation schedule is promoted in various communication tools on social media and on our website and on signage at the site.

Distribution of a promotional item

It is possible to distribute a promotional item such as a brochure, a bookmark or a promotional item to visitors at the entrance of the Fair by the event staff.

Create your own recruitment zone

Several organizations connected to your sector, your industry, your region or province wish to participate in The ProCareerExpo in space together. A minimum space number of exhibit spaces allows the set up of a specific recruitment zone under the name of your organization or your group. A specific recruitment zone becomes an official activity of the fair and receives special treatment and exposure in the advertising and public relations campaign. Contact us for more information about creating your own recruitment zone.

REGISTERUse the Online Registration Form:

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