Talent Sourcing Service

Talent Sourcing Service

alent Sourcing Service

Talent sourcing has become increasingly important as HR professionals seek ways to reduce time and resources spent on transactions and administration, so they can concentrate on more strategic activities. Restructurings and the economy have contributed to many new talent sourcing decisions. The P4PE’s talent sourcing services helps organizations to streamline their HR departments, recruitment and talent selection processes.


Highly qualified staff and management professionals are sought globally, and their experience and skilled background allows them to seek out the best job offers in a globalized labour market. We find these candidates and get them interested in your company. Outstanding talent search technology, industry knowledge and sensitivity on the part of our sourcing experts make this happen effortlessly.

P4PE Institute extends human resource function for companies who want to stay on top of the best HR practise, as well as prevalent laws and regulations, allowing them to focus on what is core to their business and re-allocate internal resources for initiatives focused on improving the bottom-line.


P4PE‘s Talent sourcing success is based on our combined experience of all the sectors to create a recruitment solution that delivers advanced recruitment tools and processes – standardised to suit the needs of businesses. What truly sets us apart is that we have the network or talent to pool form.

Candidate Sourcing & Screening Service
This service offers to assist clients' shortlist a number of candidates based on agreed criteria thereby ensuring independent judgment in the selection of best fit candidates. CV’s are pre-screened before being sent to client. This reduces the time spent on unqualified applicants.

P4PE Premier Recruitment Service
We identify, pre-interview and recruit prospective candidates by leveraging on a large database of professionals in various industries. With a passion to provide best fit for roles and candidates, we approach each engagement differently using the organization's culture to find best fit. We deliver a shortlist of qualified candidates for final selection by our client.

Verification / Background checks
Medical check-up, Certificate & credential verification, Reference & previous employer checking and Background checks are carried out on candidates. Our verification processes are both effective and efficient, to ensure that our esteemed clients get the most valid and relevant information to better inform their hiring and retention decisions.

Assessment & Testing
psychometric and aptitude testing is one of the most valuable methods of screening candidates for placement or succession planning purpose. These tests are structured accessment that seek to objectively measure aspects of an individuals mental ability, or elements of their personality. Depending on the skills, competences, behavioral traits that need to be measured, there are many different types of psychometric test available to employers. Based on our clients need, we can schedule accessment for a small to a large number of candidates.

Management of talents
Sometimes you wish to have the services of employees without the hassle of managing them directly. Our Outsourcing service has proved to be useful in providing temporary to part-time employees in various fields like sales, customer services, operations, administration, research and production. This service offers employees with less than a graduate degree to the very advanced and experienced hires. You can also outplace your current workforce to us or use our employee re-skilling/retooling, pre-retirement and career advisory services.


  1. Reduce recruitment costs: spend only for value delivered.
  2. Minimized risk: Increase the probability of success.
  3. Swiftness and expertise: professionally delivered.
  4. Efficiency: fast turn around time

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