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Traditionally, the Human Resources domain was classified as a ‘soft tissue’. With the latest trends and demands from business, especially line executives, HR is experiencing the emergence of people to the centre stage of business, becoming a ‘hard issue’, which is more often linked to human resources efficiencies and bottom-line results. This is even more evident when one considers some emerging global trends in HR, namely that operational deadlines, efficiencies and effectiveness are becoming key determinants to business viability and success, than ever before.


In the arena of Human Resources Planning, P4PE provides two core services:

  • HR Strategic Sourcing – This assists the client to determine long term resource requirements, as well as the most viable strategic sourcing plan to accommodate this workforce requirement forecast.

  • Workforce Planning – This is a more focused operational service around workforce resource requirements to enable achievement of business goals and targets. This service assists the client in determining the exact workforce and skill requirements for the business based on planned workforce productivity, as well as the associated workforce plans and budget requirements.
  • P4PE’s HR Strategic Sourcing Solution

    As illustrated in the model below, P4PE provides a comprehensive service in the HR sourcing arena. The milestones depicted in this model, have been found to be critical in our HR Sourcing service delivery and have been identified through methodical research, as well as practical trial and error.

    The P4PE Strategic sourcing service as indicated above contains 6 critical steps:
  • Analysis
  • Here, the external market in terms of current realities and trends are reviewed, as well as the internal company trends, operational practices and structural data are analysed. Important indices are identified that would form the basis for predicting workforce forecasts. The analysis primarily considers two dimensions, workforce trends and sourcing or provision realities.
  • Benchmarking
  • At this point, relevant benchmarking information and data is gathered which is later used to conduct comparative studies, and to contextualise more appropriate solutions or workforce amendments for the client.

  • Create Forecasting Model
  • In this step, the standard P4PE Resources Forecasting Model is revised and amended to include important drivers that have been identified in the previous two steps of the project. Here, anticipated workforce requirements, over a 5year period, are defined, together with a carefully aligned workforce sourcing plan.

  • Extract Scenario’s
  • Various sets of data can be extracted from the Forecasting Model, during this phase. These data sets provide different “pictures” of the client’s workforce requirements over the next 5 years given certain scenarios. The feasibility of these scenarios are then calculated and analysed.

  • Develop Requisite Strategy
  • Once suitable scenarios are identified that meet practical and acceptable parameters, requisite workforce sourcing strategies are developed.

  • Business Case Development
  • In the final step of the HR Strategic Sourcing service, P4PE would if necessary, develop sound financial and/or risk mitigation cases for the proposed strategy.

    P4PE’s Workforce Planning Solution

    Demonstrated in the model below, are the key milestones necessary to develop accurate, robust and sound workforce plans. Much of P4PE’s experience in this field has been within the intensive and demanding arena of services businesses and energy institutions, where our methodology has been tried and tested. This service as indicated above contains the following 8 critical steps:


    Both services provide the client with:
    • More relevant and proactive definition of labour requirements
    • Clearly defined labour forecasts and plans
    • Accurate labour related budgets
    • An additional opportunity to ensure structural design relevancy through benchmarking
    • Workforce complement based upon defined efficiencies.
    To a greater or lesser extent, both these services would require active engagement of the following client stakeholders:
    • Business Management Executives
    • Design and Technical Services Department
    • Corporate and Operational HR Practitioners
    • Corporate Employee Benefits Practitioners
    • Corporate Recruitment Manager
    • Corporate Training Manager
    Why Use P4PE?
    Clients are utilising P4PE for our:
    • Thorough knowledge and understanding of HR Planning
    • Ability to interface with both Technical design and Business management teams

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