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P4PE Talk Q1: 1st Annual HR Roundtable & Workshop

2017 HR Landscape Outlook

Actionable Insights to Inspire Your HR Initiatives

This event is structured to attract Heads of Human Resources and strategic senior HR practitioners in various industries/sectors of the economy. It will provide HR strategies for impact in trying times.

Each speaker is an expert and an authority in the Human Resources or Business Management.


February 14, 2017
Radisson Blu Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

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Roundtable Event Feature

  • A. Host Venue: Raddison Blu, VI, Lagos
  • B. 5-8 Guest Speaker Talks (each ending with a Q&A session)
  • C. 10 - 15 HR Solutions/Services Exhibition
  • D. Over 100 Participating Delegates
  • E. A Freelance Facilitators Forum
  • F. Networking Lunch
  • G. HR Strategy Workshop (post-event)

Event Plan

  • A. Roundtable Session - HR Landscape Outlook: (9:30am-12:30pm | N34,500)
  • B. HR Strategy Masterclass Workshop: (1:30pm-5:00pm | N36,750)
  • C. Attend Both Sessions (A+B): (9:30am-5:00pm | N57,000)

Please follow us on and on twitter (@P4PETwt, #P4PETalks) for updates on the event features.

FEATURE: HR Solutions & Services Exhibition

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Are you an HR/Workforce Solution/Services Provider? The event will feature an HR and Workforce solutions and services mini-expo. The Expo is ideal for firms inRecruitment/Assessment/Outsourcing, Background checks, Consulting Services, IT solutions, Regulatory & Regulatory Service Providers.
You Can Exhibit at The Event at N100,000 per stand. Exhibitors have one Pass to the Roundtable Session, database of delegates, database of Freelance Facilitators and opportunity to insert sourveniors and promotion materials in participants pack. Exhibitors may be accompanied by one additional person who will have to pay the full event Fee N34,500.
To Exhibit, FILL the Event Form below.


The speakers discussions will cover:

  • 1) 2017 Outlook:- Events and Activities that will shape HR in 2017. - Adeyemi Ajayi
  • 2) HR STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT:- How HR can align its 2017 initiatives to the business strategy. Recruiting the line as allies. - Enife Atobiloye
  • 3) TALENT RISK MANAGEMENT:- Building a pipeline of talent for 2017. Growing talent in recession and shrinking budgets. Creating WOW at work to inspire engagement. Tips & Tricks to engage and unleash passion. - Soji Oyawoye
  • 4) SERVICE EXCELLENCE:- What HR must do to improve its efficiency. This will include cases on simple automation, outsourcing and restructuring. - Victor Banjo
  • 5) HR & WORKFORCE ANALYTICS:- The what, why, When, and How of HR metrics. What key measures HR should track. What predictive insights this will drive. - Joel Omeike!

FEATURE: Freelance Facilitators Forum (F3)

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Signup as a Freelance Professional Facilitator so companoes can use you to develop and deliver their programmes in 2017. We invite facilitators in training delivery, team building, health & welness, (etc) to signup.
The details of the Freelance Facilitators' Forum will be made available to ALL attending delegate organisations as a directory online.
You will be contacted by prospective organisations to help in designing, developing and delivering their upcoming programmes and initiatives.
To Register as a Freelance Facilitator, FILL the Event Form below.

Stay tuned for announcements!


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