Joel Omeike and Kingsley Okere

Strategic Marketing and Competitive Analysis


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About this course

Course Summary

Today we are all confronted with a flood of data. This programme aids managers in filtering data to better select what's important for building competitive market knowledge, and teaches us how to use this knowledge to better develop and execute marketplace strategy

Course Objectives/Benefits

To enable participants to determine who their real competitors are, to demonstrate how to identify and assess their current and potential marketplace strategies, as well as changes in their value chains, assets, capabilities, and infrastructure, and as a consequence, to contribute to better and faster strategy development and execution.

A key element of this programme is learning how to identify and monitor critical competitor indicators and how to draw inferences from them about competitors' current and potential strategies, intentions, assumptions, decisions and actions. A related element addresses how to transform competitor analysis into insights about customers, channels, suppliers, and marketplace dynamics.

This training is designed to help managers understand how to use market knowledge in making more effective and profitable decisions.

Course Structure/Content

  • I. Understanding Competitor Analysis and Intelligence
    1. What it is (and is not)
    2. Differences between data, information, and intelligence
    3. Purposes of analysis
    4. Pitfalls in analysis and how to avoid them

  • II. Analyzing Competitors: Segments of Analysis
    1. Marketplace strategy
    2. Activity/value chain
    3. Alliances and networks
    4. Assumptions
    5. Capabilities and competencies
    6. Technology
    7. Organizational infrastructure and culture

  • III. Integrating Analysis Into Decision Making
    1. Identifying implications of analysis
    2. Linking to strategy change
    3. Linking to current and future decisions
    4. Processes for gathering data
    5. Creating and maintaining data sources

Target Participants

  • Senior executives
  • Marketing executives
  • Product managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Category/protfolio Managers
  • Planning managers
  • Professionals involved in any form of business intelligence

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