Driving Business Transformation/Turnaround Using Integrated Enterprise Solutions

Driving Business Transformation/Turnaround Using Integrated Enterprise Solutions

Business transformation is the process of altering the way in which an organisation does business. It provides a roadmap for a measured, goal-orientated response to marketplace events, or to the need to improve performance. It is the execution of an integrated, business-wide programme aimed at ensuring an improved future.



Course Summary

This course helps you to understand and tackle disruptive business challenges, to deliver improved and new kinds of value for your customers. You will learn how to utilise the power of networks; learn diagnostic tools for rapid analysis; explore cutting-edge case studies; and implement a powerful transformation process in collaboration with other professionals.


Course Structure

DAY 1 - Disrupt Your Mindset: Embrace Change

  • How to embrace the power of digital networks and platforms to transform your businesses.
  • How to generate new business value by focusing on your customer, not your product.
  • How to build a compelling case for change.
DAY 2 - Transform Your Business: Create Opportunity
  • How to create new markets for your business.
  • How to use data as a strategy to redefine the value of your product or service.
  • How to create lifelong customers by delivering an integrated customer experience.
DAY 3 - Lead The Transformation: Be The Change
  • How to align your leadership team around your vision and institutionalize new organizational behaviors.
  • How to rally champions of change and neutralize resistors, rejecters and laggards.
  • How to create an action plan to kick-start transformation and keep it going.


Course Benefits - What do I learn?

This is an intensive 3-day course packed with fast-paced hands-on workshops, talks and discussions from business transformation experts, and action-oriented reflective exercises. You'll learn the essentials of business transformation in a digital world. Our experienced faculty will teach you a simple process to help drive change and understand digital disruption. Learn how to see the big picture, map cultural trends, define new forms of value, build trust with users, and take practical actions towards change.


Target Participants

The Master-Class has been designed for a broad range of professionals leading and working in any sector that is being disrupted by the new business model and change customer demands:

  • Commercial Leadership,
  • R&D,
  • Innovation,
  • Change Management,
  • HR & Talent,
  • Marketing and Business.


Calender 2018

Code: Type: Location: Fees: Start date: Duration: Register:
PPP303 Weekday Ikeja,Lagos N157,000 14-Feb-2018 3 days Register Online
PPP303 Weekday Ikeja,Lagos N157,000 11-Jun-2018 3 days Register Online
PPP303 Weekday Ikeja,Lagos N157,000 5-Oct-2018 3 days Register Online

NOTE: To further leverage the value and impact of the Programme, we encourage organisations to send cross-functional teams of executives to P4PE Institute. We offer one of two exciting group benefits to companies sending three or more participants to this programme.

Course Registration

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