Victor Banjo, Rajiv Sharma and Joel Omeike

Strategic Regional & Country Manager Development Master Class

  • 3 days | 25-27 Jan. 2016
  • Fees: $1,000 (N126,000)

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About this course

Course Summary

Expanding your organization into new and foreign markets offers some of the most profitable opportunities in business today. But the challenges of leading, managing and motivating people of a different environment, country or culture, requires much more than replicating best practices from your home environment. Success across borders requires a leader to rethink, refocus and realign for business in unfamiliar markets.

The Country Manager Development & Business Leadership Master Class is designed to augment the assumptions and mindset that worked in familiar territory with the knowledge and tools required to lead in different countries and cultures. The program will help you develop a flexible and resilient strategy that is executable and measurable, offering a unique blend of global business acumen, street smarts, and diplomacy.

The programme also builds on your understanding of marketing theory, principles and practice and of the challenges facing the marketing manager operating in an international environment. You will explore the interface between international marketing and business strategy. This will help you to critically evaluate and gain practical experience of the way in which marketing contributes to the development, implementation and monitoring of organizational strategy and of the impact of changes in the international environment on marketing decisions and performance. Case studies and workshops will help you create challenging and achievable market growth plans.

Course Structure/Content

This course is designed to offer a structured approach to the implementation of human capital analytics by following these five phases of development:

  • Cultural Issues Associated with Management of an Overseas Company
  • Driving Growth In Global Markets
  • Pricing in Emerging Markets
  • Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Discovery Driven Growth
  • Negotiating in a Global Environment
  • Corporate Diplomacy: Managing External Stakeholders
  • Corporate Diplomacy for Country Managers
  • Leading & Managing Abroad
  • Immigration/Expatriation Management
  • Country Manager Marketing Plan (Case Study Driven Session)
  • International/Country Growth Plan (Group Activity Session)
  • Managing and mitigating risks when doing business in foreign markets
  • Establishing price points
  • Brand building in local and global markets
  • Business Growth Strategies

Target Participants

The Country Manager Programme is designed to advance the skills of senior leaders and those on track for leadership roles, primarily:

  • Country Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • Regional Managers/Directors & Presidents
  • Chief Operating Officers/General Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers/Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Expatriates responsible for Revenue & Income
  • Business Development/Branch Managers
  • Senior Employees dealing with international markets

NOTE: To further leverage the value and impact of the Country Manager Programme, we encourage organisations to send cross-functional teams of executives to P4PE Institute. We offer one of two exciting group benefits to companies sending three or more participants to this programme.

Course Benefits - Impact & Experience

On successful completion of this programme you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of:

  • developments in the international business environment andtrends in the strategies of companies in the context of internationalization and globalization
  • the nature and process of international marketing strategy formulation
  • the boundaries of international marketing strategy that impact decisions and influence the market scope and competitive advantage of a firm
  • the theory, principles and practical challenges of international market selection and entry decisions
  • the issues facing marketers in the allocation and customization of marketing resources when operating in different geographic markets.
You will also able to demonstrate your ability to:
  • apply a disciplined approach to the analysis of international marketing problems and resolution through the selective use of tools for analysis and strategy formulation
  • make selective and critical use of academic material to examine international marketing issues
  • present and communicate information in writing and orally; deliver logical arguments
  • use financial and other quantitative analysis to evaluate current and projected company performance and/or market opportunities
  • use IT for marketing applications and to support information and data retrieval
The Programme will further sharpen your leadership skills and teach you the diplomatic art of influencing, persuading and inspiring your associates and customers, as well as government officials, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders. You will address every aspect of leadership in unfamiliar international markets, including:
  • Driving profitable growth for your organization and gaining perspective on global finance to create value for shareholders
  • Gaining new insight into diplomacy, including effective ways to earn trust and build coalitions
  • Using new relationships to achieve desired outcomes for your business or organization
  • Learning new perspectives on marketing, internal management issues, accounting and finance
  • Expanding your capabilities for identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities

The Country Manager Programme provides a unique blend of practical and pragmatic thinking, building your knowledge through group and panel discussions, case studies and role plays. Your ideas are further tested through your own interaction with an impressive network of global peers and P4PE Institute faculty.

Those participating in the Country Manager Development & Business Leadership Masterclass are recommended to consider The Discipline of Business Growth & Profit Modelling, which serves as the strategic complement to this core global business acumen program.

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