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HRCI - Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) Certification

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About this course

Course Summary

The aPHR Certification Preparation Course covers, in detail, each of the six functional areas of the Body of Knowledge. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify your strongest HR functional areas and know where you need to concentrate your efforts. This is an excellent course for those interested in preparing for the aPHR exam.

It is packed full of the exact kind of content you will need to pass the exam the first time around. Full aPHR Study Materials will be provided to each student. This can be scheduled as a comprehensive condensed intensive course, (5 days) each sessions for six (6) hours per session or a spread out programme (6 Sat, or 3 weekends Sat + Sun) each sessions for four (4) hours per session.

This Course is designed to provide you with an overview of key areas in human resource and people management. Materials include six parts that correspond to the six functional areas, responsibilities, and associated knowledge as defined by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

  • Prepare for the aPHR exam.
  • Enhance your career potential and professional status.
  • Learn Human Resource management concepts & theory.
  • Learn practical lessons from working HR professionals.

Course Benefits - What do I learn?

  • Career advancement - This course prepares HR professionals for career advancement opportunities. It features open interactive forums and "real-world" case studies.
  • Cost-effective learning – Multiple locations. Attend the nearest to you to save on travel expenses.
  • Practitioner-focused and competency-based - The curriculum is designed by subject matter experts and includes application exercises designed to develop specific competencies and decision-making skills.
  • Tuition reimbursement - Many HR professionals will be eligible to apply for employer tuition reimbursement.
  • Action-oriented curriculum - Provides opportunities for HR professionals to network, and share "real-world" experiences and apply what they learn to the workplace.
  • Convenient hours - the course is offered after work hours, on the weekends, or Web-based.

aPHR Eligibility: What do I need to know?

An understanding in HR is required with a Higher Diplomer or Bachelos degree or its equivalent:

Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) —

HRCI's Associate Professional in Human Resources™ (aPHR™) is the perfect certification to help fast-track your career growth and provide you with the confidence to launch into the HR profession. The aPHR proves your knowledge of foundational Human Resources and is the first-ever HR certification designed for professionals who are just beginning their HR career journey (fresh graduates, HR Job/Career seekers, and any changing careers to HR).

It equips you to handle HR operational responsibilities. You will be able to implement HR programmes, initiatives and projects with minimal supervision. Certified HR professionals earn higher, are more promoted and advance their career faster.

Course Content & Structure

The aPHR Certification exam is divided into six functional modules:

  1. » HR Operations (38%)
  2. » Recruitment and Selection (15%)
  3. » Compensation and Benefits (14%)
  4. » Human Resource Development and Retention (12%)
  5. » Employee Relations (16%)
  6. » Health, Safety, and Security (5%)

Target Participants

The course is designed for managers and staff in general management or human resource management positions:

  • Individuals planning to take the aPHR certification exam
  • Individuals new from school and desirous of a career in HR
  • Beginner HR practitioners seeking professional development to enhance or advance their careers
  • New managers who are new to the human resource field
  • Other entry-level managers pursuing career change or promotion

NOTE: To further leverage the value and impact of this Programme, we encourage organisations to send cross-functional teams of HR executives to P4PE Institute. We offer one of two exciting group benefits to companies sending three or more participants to this programme.

Certifications Course Schedule (Dates, Availability & Fees):

SELF-STUDY: Can’t Attend? Register and Get the Self-Study Pack or Online Access at: N57,250

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