Strategy & Performance Management

Successful Project Management

Going From Planning & Control to Flawless Execution (with simulation + MS Project).

Professional & Internal Consulting Practice Programme

Building enterprise analysis, problem solving and core management consulting competence.

Business Partnering & Internal Consulting

The term 'business partnering' means engaging with other people from across different areas of the business, both internally and externally.

Performance Management System (Pms)- Master Class

Tools and techniques for Developing and implementing an Integrated System.

Developing & Using Performance Measure

Most people - whether executives, managers, strategy or performance professionals, or analysts - struggle to develop KPIs and other measurements well.

Fundamentals of Business & Performance Analysis

Low quality requirements lead to cost overruns, schedule delays and project rework.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analysis Using MS Excel

Business Intelligence (BI) is the method for analyzing this data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users to make informed business decisions.

Return-Driven Strategy Applications in Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Corporate Performance Management (CPM), is the area of business intelligence involved with monitoring and managing an organisation's performance.

Business Performance,Financial Analysis and Forecasting

Business Performance,Financial analysis and forecasng is a course designed to provide a detailed introduction to the subjects of accounng and financial analysis.

The Balanced Scorecard Programme

P4PE's Balanced Scorecard Programme is designed to give practitioners the tools and skills they need to help their organizaons increase focus on strategy and results.

Strategic Planning and Execution Discipline

In these days of rapid and often radical changes, it is no longer adequate for a few members of a company's leadership team to undertake a strategic planning exercise once a year.

Data Driven Performance Reviews

From a management perspective, making decisions based on data is a clear win. Yet it's often difficult to adopt a datainformed culture.

Advanced Performance Measures

Effective performance measurement is key in ensuring that an organisation's strategy is successfully implemented.

Certificate Course: Advanced Data Analysis

The modern organisational manager or specialist is expected to work with the masses of data available from organisation wide IT systems and to provide precise analysis.

Programme & Portfolio Management

Project management is increasingly being recognised as a mechanism for the implementation of strategy and during business growth.

Driving Business Transformation

Business transformation is the process of altering the way in which an organisation does business.

Competitive Strategy Programme

All too often, in the daily pressure of achieving short-term financial results, managers lose sight of long-term goals, especially in today's challenging economic climate.

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