Human Resources Manager

HR Skills Development Academy

HR happens everyday. This course promotes the use of HR management practices by providing complete overview of HR roles and responsibilities through high quality learning to anyone interested in pursuing a HR career.

Fundamentals of Nigerian Employment & Labour Law

Provides insight into the Nigerian Employment & Labour Law. It enables you to handle the common employment issues that arise daily in a positive and professional manner.

Critical HR Compliance & Recordkeeping

Critical HR Compliance & Recordkeeping - From Hiring to Termination (Pension, Tax, Training, ECA etc..)

Beyond Training Administration

The course provides valuable research, tools, techniques, and proven methodologies to help participants provide value beyond fulfilling training Systems Approach to Performance Improvement

Competency-Based HRM Skills Development Academy

The competency management framework has become key factor in determining how HR adds value in the competitive Business.

Driving Successful Business Execution Through Human Capital Management

Driving Successful Business Execution Through Human Capital Management...

Measuring & Managing the Impact of ROI in HRM

Human Resource professionals, now more than ever are under pressure to demonstrate the business value ROI of HRM.

Building and Administering an Effective HR Risk Management

The only sure way to avoid risk would be to lock the doors and put up a closed sign in the window.


HR transformation is a process of realigning an HR function to the strategy and goals of the organization so that HR can become a true partner in success.

Effectively Partnering and Consulting with the Business

In practice, HR professionals are now also expected to be 'internal consultants' to line managers and senior managers.

Modern Payroll and Administration

Administering a company's payroll is a critical and demanding function. Our Practical Payroll course will give you an understanding of PAYE and self-assessment.

HR Performance Auditing

A traditional criticism of the Human Resource Management function is that it’s an overhead cost that is unpredictable and unquantifiable.

Human Resources Master Classes

Building & Implementing HR Strategy & Scorecards Master Class

HR Strategy & scorecard formulation and implementation is one key way HR can significantly raise their game and contribute to the bottom line.

Workforce & HR Analytics Master Class

Learn how to measure HR Strategies using Strategy Map, Scorecard & Analytics to focus clearly on what drives organisational success.

Strategy Focused Performance Management System Master Class

Competency-Based HRM Skills Development Academy - A Strategic HRM Programme.

Learning & Development Strategy & OD Master Class

This Strategy sets out how Learning & Development will support the achievement of strategic goals.

Integrated Talent Management & Succession Planning Master Class

The discipline of talent management has become established as an essential component of HR strategy.

Employee Engagement & Relations Management Master Class

Your management system can make a significant contribution to the effectiveness and performance of your business.

Talent Sourcing, Recruitment & Selection Master Class

Talent Sourcing, Recruitment & Selection Master Class..

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