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Freelance Consultants

We work with a varied list of professional Subject Matter Experts in different industries and functions. They remain autonomous and are called upon with the availability of projects to engage in.

Some of our Freelance Consultants are programme facilitators and are available on a temporary basis. They help create value for our clients.

If you are interested in becoming our freelance consultants or facilitators, please click the "Apply Now"tab on our opportunities page and we will get in touch with you.


Channel Partners

Do you have existing business contacts? Why not turn your business or personal connections into income opportunities? Do you constantly interact with decision-makers such as HR, line and senior managers, directors and chief executives?

If you answer yes to the above questions, then you are the right referral partner. P4PE recognize the importance of project referrals and will reward all referral partners who generate a minimum of one project to us. We provide a project referral fee to the value of 15% subject to our Terms and Conditions. Want to learn more before you Apply


Channel Referral Partners

Here's an opportunity to work with one of Africa's fastest growing, high on innovation & a nimble organization. Join the P4PE partner network to enjoy long-term growth and profit opportunities.

A P4PE channel partner is an independent person or company that partners with the company to market and sell our services to companies in any industry sector and market. The Referral Partner is any individual, usually a professional consultant, existing customer, or sales professional, who can refer new customers to P4PE in any number of ways.

This is a great opportunity for any individual to find work independently consulting and referring our solutions to their clients-which in essence provides a high-paying way for them to manage their revenue-generating efforts.

P4PE channel partners are selected through a professional evaluation process and are managed by a dedicated Channel Partner Management team.

1) Who is the ideal Channel Partner?

If you are a professional or organisation with a good track record in business development and client base and would like to build a highly profitable portfolio based on innovative solutions, then we would like to hear from you.

Our Channel Partners are expected to be highly performance oriented and professional with the highest level of integrity. We want to grow, but more importantly we want to grow the right way! We are looking for growth that is profitable, sustainable and responsible. Our channel partners are expected to share this philosophy.

Potential partners that have excellent connections and track record in key market segments would be of interest to us.

2) What do we provide our Channel Partners?

P4PE provides an attractive channel partner framework that is highly competitive and remunerative to our channel partners. Our channel partner strategy calls for a network of highly professional and well-connected channel partners. The emphasis is on the quality of channel partnerships and is based on long-term relationships.

In accordance to our strategy, we offer:

  • An exciting, varied and innovative solution portfolio that cater to a wide range of industries.
  • Attractive, easy to access, profitable and fast growing market segments that are ready to be tapped.
  • Professional marketing and branding support to position P4PE in key market segments and clients.
  • Experienced management team that have a proven track record of professionalism, international exposure and management pedigree.
  • A dedicated team to support our Channel Partners.
  • Professional e-training programs to quickly enable our Channel Partners to realize revenues.
  • A very attractive commission structure and package of benefits.

3) What do we expect from our Channel Partners?

We expect our channel partners to be part of our growth and our aim is to generate wealth for them. We would like to work with a selected group of high quality partners on a long-term basis and hence it is important for us to take the time and effort to select the right kind of partners.

Our expectation from our Channel Partners:

  • Good track record, network and client base. We prefer to work with those who are already well established in their markets or region that can provide a fast access for P4PE solutions in their markets.
  • Channel partners who are organized and run along professional lines with a good level of discipline in terms of process adherence and financial integrity.
  • Channel partners should be willing to take on an aggressive agenda for growth and this includes the willingness to make the necessary investments.

4) What is the process for becoming a Channel Partner?

If you are interested in becoming our channel partner click the "Apply Now" tab on our opportunities page and we will get in touch with you.