Executive Coaching Programme

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed for companies seeking to enhance the leadership effectiveness and improve the business results of their executives. The program equips participants with the advanced skills required for expanding leadership roles.

Executive Coaching

Clients recieve candid feedback from our interviews, surveys and personal observations. Objectives and timelines are then developed to remain focused on the most promising areas for development. We encourage and expect participants to modify their approach, behavior and daily activities in order to achieve results that can be measured and to make improvements that can be observed by others.

Common Program Themes

  • Strategic thinking and business planning.
  • Holding subordinates accountable for results
  • Working effectively across teams.
  • Providing clear direction and team alignment.
  • Creating a winning environment.
  • Coaching and developing subordinates
  • Goal setting and delivering results
  • Executive deportment and personal style.
  • Board and investor relation
  • communication style, presentation skill and public speaking.

Our coaches are hired to...

  • Groom executive for the top level of corporate leadership
  • Help the executive who have strong subject matter skills, but need to improve interpersonal and team leading skills
  • Improve team work and cooperation across business uits, locations and divisions.
  • Work with and executive to become a better leader and motivator
  • Improve the candor and courage of the leaders
  • Improve the bench strength of the mid-level management team.
  • Help improve morale and retention of top executives.
  • Resolve conflict between teams and individuals (such as manager and subordinate or peer to peer).
  • Prepare an executive for future advancement opportunities and new leadership responsibility.
  • Help an executive navigate alternatives regarding an underperforming business unit or a significant issue with a subordinate.
  • Improve time management, focus and effectiveness

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