4A Change Management Model

“Change is not a problem, resistance to change is”.We all know that change is what keeps an organization ahead of its competitors.

P4PE Solution ChangeBot Brochure


ChangeBot is a unique intervention created by P4PE team to help in your Change journey through empowerment, consensus, engagement and support.

Corporate Brochure

We are a team of Business Transformation Experts, with global and diverse industry experience, who decided to take our passion for professional excellence a step further, forming “P4PE”.

HR Solutions & Services

We provide an entire spectrum of HR services right from onboarding, retention, development and growth of your employees and leaders through a multi faceted intervention programs.

Operations transformation

We partner with organizations to provide them with contemporary solutions; while keeping revenue, cost and quality in the forefront.

Lean Startup

Lean Start up is not only for Startups. You can apply lean startup in your established and large organization and get some significant results.

Interim Management Services

P4PE provides highly qualified HR, Quality, Operations management, change management and M&A experts to meet your organizational needs.

OCTANE - High Performance Team

Achieving superior performance depends greatly on the quality of teams and their management. Team leaders success depends on the effective and efficient orchestration of what we call Team OCTANE.

P4PE Professional Education Loan

Designed for HR Professionals who want to advance their career by undertaking one of the international certifications but cannot currently afford the financial investment all at once.